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Atlantia Clinical Trials

Atlantia Clinical Trials is a world-leading CRO. For over a decade we have delivered clinical results to nutraceutical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We strive to offer the highest quality science while maintaining a cost-conscious approach, maximising the value proposition. Our state-of-the-art clinic sites, ensure we can offer multicentre multinational studies of all design types, across a diverse array of health areas and product portfolios. Our highly qualified and dedicated team manages all aspects of the clinical project and guides sponsors through the entire process. All of our ICH-GCP certified teams are on hand to ensure research data is of the very highest quality and integrity and in strict accordance with the protocol.

Atlantia will design, set up and conduct a SOYBIOME dietary trial asking participants to partially replace red meat/processed meat with soya protein (Tofu) in their diet for 8 weeks. Submit relevant documents to the local ethics committee. Participants will have to meet specific Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria prior to enrolment. Once enrolled Atlantia will collect detailed case report forms, questionnaires, dietary information and biological samples to be used in the final report.

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Barry Skillington
Aisling Harrington
Aoife Lonergan
Cian O’Mahoney