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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

AIT is Austria’s largest Research and Technology Organisation focusing on applied research and enabling the market exploitation of innovative infrastructure related solutions. The Bioresources Unit of the Center for Health & Bioresources has a long experience in the areas of plant genetic resources, plant-microbe interactions and application of microorganisms in biocontrol and plant growth promotion. The Center for Innovation Systems & Policy is dealing with current and future requirements for research and innovation systems, as well as with the options available to research, technology and innovation policy and industry.

AIT is the coordinator of the MICROBIOMES4SOY project, and is also involved in research activities focused on harnessing the microbiome potential to improve soya bean production and quality. Furthermore, AIT is responsible for facilitating stakeholder engagement and identifying leverage points to co-create transition pathways in line with Food 2030 priorities.

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Angela Sessitsch
Tanja Kostic
Beatrix Wepner
Hanna Koch
Petra Wagner
Sabine Neuberger